Select Projects

Listed below are some representative projects.  Click here for links to down-loadable publications and plans that I have worked on.

Richton Park Community Center, 2008-2010

This 13,500 sf Community Center was completed in November of 2010 and with a budget $3.7 million. I served as co-project manager and owners representative for the design and construction of this building.  The Architect was Globetrotters Engineering Corp and the General Contractor was Skender Facilities Group LLC.

The project began in the fall of 2008 with an extensive community participation process that included structured design charrettes, community surveys, public meetings, and a citizen stakeholder committee that participated at each phase of the design. 

Renovation and Revitalization of Lakewood Plaza, 2009-2011

The Village of Richton Park purchased this 27,000 sf shopping center in 2007.  The shopping center was built in 1978 and suffered from disinvestment and vacancy by the mid-2000s. Due to the poor state of the economy and financial markets, the Village's efforts to recruit private investors and developers were not fruitful.  In 2009, I worked with the Village Board, staff and Economic Development Commission to write and execute a plan for the rehabilitation and re-leasing of the plaza.  I wrote a business plan and approached numerous banks for a $300,000 rehabilitation loan.  Old Plank Trail Community Bank in Frankfort agreed to the loan and by October of 2009, the building been tuckpointed, gained a new facade, new plaza sign, new roof, new exterior electrical system and the interior of the units were returned to "vanilla box" condition.  

Bryn Mawr Business District Workgroup, 2008
This concise technical assistance and advisory project was focused on the Bryn Mawr business district in the Hollywood-North Park neighborhood of Chicago.  With just a four month timeline and a small budget, this project included a baseline assessment of conditions in the Bryn Mawr business district, facilitation of 2 task force meetings, presentation in one public meeting and a finished work-book documenting the findings and process. The goal of this project was to assist the Hollywood North-Park Community Association to develop operating parameters to coordinate shared efforts between several neighborhood organizations who all shared the goal of revitalizing the Bryn Mawr business district.  Click here for the final work-book.

Virginia Street Design Guidelines, Crystal  Lake, IL, 2008
This project entailed developing a set of design guidelines to guide private redevelopment on a 3/4 mile section of Virginia Street in Crystal Lake, IL.  I held a mediating role on this project to ensure that the architectural ideas developed by senior architecture professors at UIC were effectively translated by graduate assistants into a cohesive and comprehensive set of guidelines that could be used by City Staff to guide redevelopment efforts.  These guidelines were adopted as an appendix to the City's Unified Development Code. Click here to see the final set of design guidelines.

Norwood Park, Northwest Highway Revitalization Plan, 2006-2007
This project was a productive partnership between UIC and a neighborhood planning and revitalization organization.  The project was carried out in two phases.  The first phase involved the participation of professional planning and economic development staff at the UIC City Design Center in the execution of a corridor revitalization plan written by a stakeholder committee of the Norwood Park Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  The City Design Center staff, under my direction, provided technical analysis, visualizations, mapping and desktop publishing support to the Chamber's self written plan.  Click here for a copy of this plan.

The second phase of this project utilized a studio economic development course in the UIC Urban Planning and Policy program to develop operational implementation strategies for the Chamber to execute their revitalization plan.  Students in this class, which I co-taught, researched and analyzed conditions in the Northwest Highway corridor of the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago. They prepared recruitment strategies for different types of development and business, and they prepared evaluations of specific implementation tools that the Chamber might use to carry out their revitalization work.  Click here for the students' final report, a collective evaluation of 18 different neighborhood revitalization tools.